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, 30. Dezember 2020

– ands Apr 13 '17 at 14:25 Handling errors in PHP with try catch blocks is almost the same as handling errors in other programming languages. OP is asking how to make a basic comment feature using PHP and MySQL not because he wants to make social site but because he wants to know "how to use PHP/MySQL to let users affect webpages" so he doesn't care about spam, reCAPTCHA , relationship between the content and the comment and other problems. hashcash+nospamnx block almost all spambot. For example… PHP parser will search your entire code for and

 too, and whilst those tags do appear in the generated documentation, the code inside them becomes commented out with HTML comments. Topic: HTML / CSS Prev|Next. # This is a single line comment. These comments only work within PHP tags, and will be read if placed in HTML. The comment will only last to the end of the line or the end of the code block. */ class Photos extends CI_Controller { /* Function: upload Upload a photo to the server so that you can later  it. It can also be used to prevent execution when testing alternative code. PHP supports several ways of commenting: Single-line comments: Multi-line comments:   Case Sensitivity. PHP Comment Syntax: Multiple Line Comment. How to write comments in PHP. The doc comments are easy to read right in the code thanks to human-friendly formatting: 

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