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, 30. Dezember 2020

8 owners have reviewed their KAWASAKI Z900RS (2017 - on) and rated it in a number of areas. Not only good to look at, but good to ride. Everything from the Z900RS’s chest puffing riding position, to the view down to the wide chrome bars and the unholy growl it makes with a fist full of throttle, can’t help but make you feel good. For me i'd love it even more, if that's possible, if it had 30HP more but with same gearing characteristics - cross between it and Z1000SX (which I also have). Radically tidy up the rear end of the Kawasaki Z900RS ('18- onwards) with this R&G Tail Tidy. The throttle is binary. R&G radiator guard, Bags Connection tank bag and Yoshimura swingarm paddock stand spools. Trouble free and not a chip in the paint. … A round LED headlight and oval surface-emitting LED taillight pay homage to the original Z1 with a blend of retro and modern designs. Double-walled headers, integrated connections and short megaphone silencer—all treated to a buffed finish to highlight the Z900RS’ retro-sport image. (as above comments). 2020 Suzuki Katana + Highs. The Z900RS CAFE adds a new direction to the Z900RS. VAT no 918 5617 01 If you prefer track racing, your Kawasaki Z900 also gets the job done there. Paint and finish are fantastic. The modern lightweight trellis frame provides strength to harness the in-line four power and balanced flex to achieve responsive and agile handling. A fully adjustable ø41 mm inverted front fork and a Horizontal Back-link rear suspension offer progressive damping that delivers both ride comfort and sporty performance. Não há lugar para imitações no teu estilo de vida. Riders may also elect to turn the system off. In the same way you can blend three colours to create many different shades, this variation has led to three unique bikes. (low/avg/high) 30.7/35.8/39.9 Estimated Range: 154 miles Indicated RPM at 60 MPH: 4,250. RELATED EDITIONS. Kawasaki have modified the Z900’s upper frame so they could fit the tank and seat horizontally, like the original ’72 bike. The $11,799 2020 Kawasaki Z900RS Café, in contrast, has a 948cc liquid-cooled inline-4. The clocks with the digital read out between the 2 looks brill. Kawasaki Z900RS vs Z900RS Cafe. Please note: No indicators are included with this kit, but are available separately. Perfect for street riding, OEM tyres are a bit average. 948 cm³ Displacement. The Kawasaki Z900RS horsepower is 109bhp. Brakes are good, though not as sharp as I expected. Yes, it’s more expensive than the other Japanese nakeds, but come on, just look at it! Light, accurate town handling continues when you hit the open road. Buying experience: Dealer. I can see where Kawasaki came from with Z H2 but I prefer straight forward in line 4's and no supercharger. By faithfully blending some of the classic lines of the Z1 in a machine that contains thoroughly modern technology, in the Z900RS Kawasaki may have eventually solved Japan’s retro puzzle. Only a couple of events of false neutrals but may have been down to me being a little club footed, changing down at higher revs. Source: UltimateMotorcycling.com . So this week I wanted to go and check out the Black Dog Ride course so I can plan my video shoot for the 17th March, and when James from Penrith Motorcycle centre offered to come with me and for us to take the 2 different Z900RS models available, I jumped at the chance. This is a very popular bike with owners - our Kawasaki Z900RS owners' reviews on the site show a gleaming five out of five score at time of publication in October 2020. Generally easy going, torquey with an even spread of power, get to about 6,000rpm and it goes like a stabbed rat! Reliability - Had it 2 years now - finish is still good. For a almost 1000cc bike :). The Z900 is designed to be an aggressive-riding motorcycle; the Z900RS is designed for what the Kawasaki PR team called “carefree riding.” This means less … The shop owner's ride with 300 miles, unregistered. Servicing is always reasonable at first service but gets more expensive at each service so estimate £250-300 for say a 2 year service and although I love the original tyres - it handles just great & they've handled everything I've thrown at them with no probs they only last about 2500 miles so £250 per 2500 miles just for tyres too. Absolutely love my Zed in fact I will probably trade up again to the same model but a different colour. VIEW ALL FEATURES . A Scorpion slip on was all it needed. Starting with the brilliant Z900 as its base, its no surprise the 2017 Kawasaki Z900RS matches performance with looks. done 3800 miles. Request a Brochure. There’s plenty of seat-to-peg room for the tall and it’s low enough for the short (a 35mm lower accessory seat available to drop you down even further). These three retros are very different machines that rely on styling, spirit and performance to a lesser and greater degree to define their character. KTRC features two modes that cover a wide range of riding conditions, offering either enhanced sport riding performance or the peace of mind to negotiate slippery surfaces with confidence. The throttle can be a bit snatchy due to the co sensor to meet emissions but this can be ironed out with a remap. It’s a naked bike, what do you need? The original machine’s exhaust system looked great. It’s not as if the Japanese have a lack of heritage with bikes such as the Kawasaki Z1, Honda CB750, Suzuki GS1000 or Yamaha XS750 from which to draw inspiration. Street/Track. Great sound and the quality of the paint work is something else. Only use traction control on gritty and / or wet roads. A classic look with machining on the spokes and rim, plus high-quality paint demonstrates superb craftsmanship. Mid range is fantastic and the intake and exhaust noise make me sile every time. There’s no lack of speed in the Zed’s armoury and with the traction control turned off it will do the kind of Evel Knievel wheelies the Z1 could only dream of back in the 70s. Both machines feature a 948cc engine and modern technology for a classic yet modern ride. Great Facebook owners group, with lots of upgrading info for this bike is Z900RS UK. Overview; Tech Spec; Offers; There’s no place for fake in the lifestyle you choose. The 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS might be the most well-rounded vintage-inspired machine around. ABS, 250mm single disc with single-piston caliper. First thing you notice about the RS is obviously the way it looks - I bought mine without seeing one ‘in the flesh’, the early on-line shots of it were enough to convince me, and I wasn’t disappointed. If you think about it, performance rather than style was at the heart of the Z1 back in the 1970s, so it’s a wise move. General Enquiry. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. However, the bright green, faired version of that same bike, the Z900RS Cafe, seemed to have more in common with a motorcycle released a decade later. With its impressive blend of performance and disco-cool Z1 style, it could easily beat the lot of them. Starting at $4,999 MSRP NINJA ® 650. That bike was the special edition Kawasaki Z1000R Eddie Lawson Replica (ELR). Made me smile so much I bought one and have not regretted it.Was going to order one for my birthday in January with quoted 20 wk lead time at that time however they had a cancelled order in the right colours so got it in two weeks (October). Overview; Tech Spec; here’s no place for fake in the lifestyle you choose. Kawasaki have cleverly made crisp rear LED lights glow like a '70s light bulb, the orange tank stripe wraps around the front of the tank and meets around the front in a Z-shaped bow and the Euro-spec speedo on our test bike goes up to 240km/h, just like the original. Jede Bewegung am Gasgriff wird mit einer knackigen und zugleich ausgewogenen … From a distance. Reigniting the classic style of the original Z1, the Kawasaki Z900RS calls upon timeless design elements with minimal bodywork and no fairing for a pure retro-style look. Buying experience: Some bargains to be had if you shop about especially cafe’ models. Brakes are pretty good, though not as sharp as I expected, suspension feels spot on, sharp and fully adjustable if you’re that way inclined. Kawasaki say they’re gunning for the similarly priced BMW R nineT Pure, but the Z900RS has to face a raft of retro rivals such as the Triumph Thruxton R and Yamaha XSR900. 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS : RETRO REVOLUTION IS HERE. Riders may also elect to turn the system off. But this fashionsetter would happily be pictured on a Triumph, Harley-Davidson or Ducati because they are ‘cool’ brands due to their heritage. I love it as is. Kawasaki have bolstered low to midrange power for everyday riding, which is at the expense of the standard bike’s top end clout, but the reality is you never miss it in the real world. Starting with the brilliant Z900 as its base, its no surprise the 2017 Kawasaki Z900RS matches performance with looks. Vintage Lime Green / Ebony; VIEW ALL SPECIFICATIONS. KAWASAKI Japan have announced the Z900RS and Z900RS Café is to receive new colour options for … The Z900RS family is powered by a 948cc engine and modern technology for a classic yet modern ride. Reigniting the classic style of the original Z1 900 motorcycle, the Kawasaki Z900RS motorcycle calls upon timeless design elements with minimal bodywork and no fairing for a pure retro-style look. Includes fueling changes specific to your exhaust External fuel tuner not needed - just plug in and go !! Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Brakes are extremely good. Kawasaki quality at its best. Analogue clocks with digital centre display that includes gear position. Contributing to rider reassurance, the Z900RS is equipped with advanced Kawasaki rider support technology. The Z900RS ABS line is completed by a 948cc engine and modern technology for a classic yet modern ride. rated by riders: 2020 Kawasaki Z900RS rated as 75.5 out of 100.0 based on 3 ratings. Contributing to rider reassurance, the Z900RS is equipped with advanced Kawasaki rider support technology. Retro design meets modern technology and performance for superb riding comfort around town and on the highway. All registered in England and Wales. They just didn't do it for me. The gearbox can be a bit clunky until the first oil change.. Shop around different dealers, to get the best deal. Kawasaki was well aware of the power-to … Below is the information on the 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS ABS. Based on sound research, the exhaust has been tuned to deliver a satisfying rumble during engine start and idling. A compact and lightweight Nissin motorcycle ABS unit helps reduce wheel lock-up under certain conditions. Performance still good. A big Zed is as bulletproof as a tank and the attention to detail here borders on the obsessive. It oozes '70s Z1 charm, detailing and mixes it with modern technology, easy speed, light controls, superb build quality and fastidious attention to detail. Buying experience: Bought from a dealer and bought New. The Z900RS line is completed by a cafe-racer-image model. Contributing to rider reassurance, the Z900RS is equipped with advanced Kawasaki rider support technology. TEST RIDE. Skip to main content. Clutch is very light for those who don't work out or are getting arthritic. As well as its modified chassis, higher spec monoblocs trump the Z900’s brakes and a three-way switchable traction system and retro-styled Dunlop GPR-300 tyres are other new editions. warning light on MPG: 91 AKI min. OEM licence plate holders - replacing them with a much sleeker looking unit. The Kawasaki Z900RS is the best of both worlds: a cool-looking retro-styled bike with modern performance, safety and reliability. At the end of the day, it’s a big Kawasaki four, and I think they’ve kind of got the hang of manufacturing them by now! Visordown Newsletter. I’ve only owned the bike for four months, and so far, no problems. Ask yourself, would you ever see Beckham on a Japanese bike? Back. Value my P/X. Triumph have created a superb looking bike that packs modern comforts – which is exactly what Kawasaki have done with the RS. Buying experience: Got it from via moto kawasaki in clay cross Chesterfield. Finance Enquiry. It’s not a pretty bike like the RS, it’s more mechanical and functional, which again will split opinions. Fuels very good for fuel injection, makes great power, is very smooth and sounds terrific. The 2020 Kawasaki Z900RS and Z900RS Café motorcycles are to receive new colour options. Suspension springs are stiff, so the Z900RS is more composed the harder you ram it into corners and fully-adjustable forks and ZX-10R-style horizontal rear shock and linkage are lightly damped, so the big Zed feels floaty when you up the ante, but they’re set to give a smooth ride and easy, accessible low-speed handling. Love the analogue clocks. The Brock’s Performance Velocity Stack Kit for the Kawasaki Z900RS is an airbox mod designed to maximize airflow for increased midrange performance and peak power. CART (0) My Kawasaki MOTORCYCLE. Based on the standard Z900, the Z900RS is powered by a 948 cc DOHC liquid cooled inline 4 engine that is slightly detuned from the Z900, to 111 crank HP and 98.5 lbs-ft of crank torque. Now you can add a further touch of Z bling in the shape of the Z900RS Performance.

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