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, 30. Dezember 2020

What a nutty ride, especially once it's sped up in the evening of Wintertraum. Launch Intensity. Theming Layout, + Great Launches Intensity, Launch Speziell ist aber nicht nur der fehlende Boden, sondern auch die Spezialeffekte während der Fahrt mit Wasser, Nebel und Feuer. Duration COMPRA TUS ENTRADAS A PHANTASIALAND AL MEJOR PRECIO AQUÍ: https://jerezcoasteradventures.pa-community.com/phantasialand-n8b6785 Hola … We spent a day at Phantasialand with an overnight stay at Hotel Ling Bao. Amazing coaster. During the ride, you race through this really intense overbanked turn (After the highest point) which is, in my opinion, one of the most fantastic moments of the ride and one of my favorite overbanks. Theming While it could use more airtime moments, it's still a great coaster that earns a 5-star rating in my opinion. In zes prachtig gedecoreerde themagebieden Fantasy, Berlin, Deep in Africa, China Town, Mexico en Mystery geniet je van meer dan 40 spectaculaire attracties en wervelende shows. Dead spots. I highly recommend a visit to Phantasialand as it is the best themepark in the world in my opinion. But it's absolutely fantastic, and surprisingly intense. The ride is stupid intense. Comfort Intensity Definitely my favorite ride.The whole Klugheim Area is amazing and so is Taron,the ride is intense,fast and the transitions are insane. Airtimes, Launch The riders aboard the train narrowly miss walls of faux rock faces and waterfalls. Phantasia land is a brilliant theme park with amazing rides and wonderful themes. Ejectors, Theming Beoordeel Taron in Phantasialand zelf. I feel that had these been ironed out then it would deserve a full 5 stars. But don't get me wrong: it still provides a punch. Insanely Fun. Capacity, Comfort The part before the second launch is a bit slower which I actually like because it builds anticipation for that launch. Duration Taron – das ist Synonym für Highspeed und pures Adrenalin. Das Phantasialand hat sehr viel Geld in diese Bahn und in die Thematisierung gesteckt. Dead spots, This coaster is a masterpiece! Intensity Taron is simply amazing. A great rollercaster for the GP, but as an enthusiast it lacks a punch. Still my favourite EU coaster having ridden Helix, Shambhala and many other top rated EU coasters. Phantasialand: TARON - See 2,981 traveler reviews, 2,852 candid photos, and great deals for Bruhl, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Smoothness, Airtimes Duration And obviously, the theming is an absolute wonder. Smoothness Comfort, Airtimes Intensity Overall just an amazing coaster. Masterpiece Intensity, Launch Layout Launch, Fun Launch The two launches (especially the second one) are very intense. Klugheim at Phantasialand is the medieval themed area with beautifully themed rock work, a cozy village style and most importantly: two new coasters! Smoothness, Theming Comfort Theming People can overrate some rides and I can see why people would be disappointed, but for me Taron is a fantastic ride and also an experience. Layout Duration, Nonstop fun. Some of the most comfortable restraints and seats I've ever sat in personally, but I don't think they're quite as good as MACK Mega trains or GCI Millennium Flyers. Fun, Theming First half already feels way fast and features two amazing moments of airtime, the better one being a twisted airtime hill. Fly is a masterpiece in its category: familial ... thanks it's in Phantasialand and their great management ! Taron has fantastic trains with fantastic seats and restraints, fantastic launches and a fantastic themed area surrounding it. Calling all speed demons! Layout Masterpiece Theming The best LSM launch i have experienced its getting close to hydrolics. Intensity (back in 2008) I still remember my neck bracing itself at each turn untill this day . Dead spots, Launch Phantasialand heeft een wereldrecord in handen: de nieuwe lanceerachtbaan Taron is de snelste multi-launch coaster ter wereld. Definetely one of the best rollercoasters of Germany (and maybe even in the world...), Theming Theming Ejectors, Theming Capacity, Theming Launch, Theming Masterpiece Well, the warm weather conditions on my day of visit may have contributed to this, but I never really felt something like this. Theming Masterpiece. Masterpiece It is 3 years ago when i did this beautiful ride for the first time. Launch Masterpiece Taron was custom-built into a new area of the park called Mystery in 2016, debuting as the world’s fastest and longest multi-launch roller coaster (72 mph/ 116 kph and 4,330 ft/ 1,320 m). Intensity, Theming Now i rode this thing about 30 times and still is a strong coaster so number 8 on my top list coasters is deserved. Het niveau van afwerking ligt hier heel hoog en daar hebben ze ook nog eens geweldige attracties ernaast. Discomfort, Masterpiece This is why I came to Phantasialand. Layout I got a chance to visit Phantasialand this week, so I'm writing a little review. Phantasialand: Taron, Raik, and Colorado adventure are a MUST - See 2,998 traveler reviews, 2,883 candid photos, and great deals for Bruhl, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Phantasialand has created a mind-boggling setting called 'Klugheim' for this ride and the coaster is indeed roaring through the buildings and pseudo-stones. Taron en Raik Phantasialand opende in 2016 het themagebied Klugheim. Rattle Klugheim is absolutely magical and beats Disney's theming. Comfort Simply breathtaking coasters. Nice surprise! Phantasialand: Topdag! Bestätigt wurde diese Angabe bisher aber weder vom Phantasialand, noch von Intamin selbst. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Phantasialand is a very cool and inexpensive amusement park. Records have been broken at Phantasialand, which is home to Taron, the longest multi-launch rollercoaster in the world, and Raik, the world's fastest family boomerang rollercoaster of its kind with forwards and backwards motion. So we did a second round. Launch Capacity Fun Airtimes. There are, however, a couple of dead spots on the ride that don't match up to the rest of the layout; a banked turn before the S-bends leading in to the second launch, and the turn before the final airtime hill. Dear guests, due to the current decisions of the federal government regarding the corona virus, Phantasialand with the theme park, the experience hotels and the dinner show Fantissima must unfortunately remain closed until further notice. I also saw very few janitorial staff at all which for a park so focused on theming, atmosphere, and beauty would be really helpful to maintain that awesome atmosphere Phantasialand strives for. Fun Taron Winja's Fear Winja's Force Gebirgsbahn Grand Canyon Bahn Reviews 73. As mentioned before, there were some loading delays from time to time. Intensity Layout, Theming Inversions, Pace How did I even survive that ride ? Layout Inversions Capacity, Airtimes I always looked at this coaster as a bucket list coaster that I wouldn't be able to ride for years but I was finally able to get on this beast this summer. Masterpiece Launch Launch, Theming There are two points on the ride where this seat is the most intense one :-) (don't ask me why, test it for yourself). Are you ready for Raik and Taron? Smoothness, Theming Masterpiece Launch We went very close to Christmas, and despite attempting to get there before doors opened, we had to wait 25 minutes to ride the Taron. Theming Overall a great, amazingly themed ride experience! For what was quite a small park there were plenty of high quality rides, particularly Taron and Chiapas. Taron crosses the village of Klugheim several times. Layout Dead spots, Theming Layout. Launch Smoothness. Reliability. I get it is not the most intense coaster, but to me intensity is not the end goal of a coaster; the end goal is to provide amusement and amazement, and Taron provides a ton of both of them. Airtimes, Nice surprise! There is really nothing bad to say about this ride, (a barrel roll might have been a cool addition though, but thats bickering on a high level) Dead spots Launch If you had already booked a visit to Phantasialand (park, hotels, Fantissima) before … Masterpiece Thrill: 3.5/5, Theming Comfort It kinda meanders before the second launch, which is kinda boring for a bit, and then you hit the launch. Dead spots.

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