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My Merch - Kawasaki Ninja H2, sister-bike to the H2R, the fastest and most powerful bike you can buy. Its debut on the 2015 Ninja H2™ and Ninja H2™R marked its first use on a mass-production vehicle in either the automotive or motorcycle industry. The track-only variant is called Ninja H2R, and it is the fastest and most powerful production motorcycle on the market; it produces a maximum of 310 horsepower (230 kW) and 326 horsepower (243 kW) with ram air. Power. Kawasaki Bikes in India. When excessive engine braking occurs – as a result of quick downshifts (or an accidental downshift) – the slipper cam comes into play, forcing the clutch hub and operating plate apart. However, the ideal fit varies from rider to rider, depending on their physical dimensions and riding style.ERGO-FIT® is an interface system designed to allow riders to find their ideal riding position. Enter your email address so that we can find your existing information. This Ag layer is what creates the paint’s glasslike metal appearance. Kawasaki’s high-quality original paint has a highly reflective, glasslike metal appearance. The Ninja H2™ motorcycles bring the mind-bending power of Kawasaki’s supercharged hypersport racer to the street. The “new” category is … The Ninja H2 has an amazing 998 cc inline -4 engine. Während die Kawasaki Ninja H2 mit der Zeit minimale Rührtendenzen bei Topspeed zeigt, läuft die Kawasaki Ninja H2R bolzstabil wie ein Güterzug geradeaus. Further, keeping fuel consumption low also helps minimize negative impact on the environment. Der Preis von 55.000€ ist aber auch beachtlich. Shipping and local meet-up options available. By riding so that the "ECO" mark remains on, fuel consumption can be reduced.While effective vehicle speed and engine speed may vary by model, paying attention to conditions that cause the "ECO" mark to appear can help riders improve their fuel efficiency – a handy way to increase cruising range. Even among the motorcycle illiterate, the Ninja name is recognizable. The strength of Kawasaki’s cutting-edge electronics has always been the highly sophisticated programming that, using minimal hardware, gives the ECU an accurate real-time picture of what the chassis is doing. Two Stroke Tech More Two Stroke Tech Torque vs HP Motorcycle Repair 101 Triple Videos RB's Mojo Kawasaki Triples Registry Two Stroke Animation Suzuki GT Resources Klemm Vintage IBDA 2000 Rulebook. This race-style function is particularly useful when sport or track riding. The development of the Ninja H2 ™ R motorcycle goes beyond the boundaries of any other Kawasaki motorcycle. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a "supercharged supersport" class motorcycle in the Ninja sportbike series, manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, featuring a variable-speed centrifugal-type supercharger. Kawasaki Ninja H2 R. Previous Next. The system disengages automatically once a predetermined speed has been reached, or when the rider shifts into third gear. It is the first mass-production brake system to link the ABS ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and engine ECU.In addition to front and rear wheel speed, KIBS monitors front brake caliper hydraulic pressure, throttle position, engine speed, clutch actuation and gear position. Something is not okay with the dimensions here. After watching this onboard video, I tend to think its the driver/driving that made ... 2.08 m (82 in) long, 0.77 m (30 in) wide, 1.12 m (44 in) high. The Kawasaki Ninja 300, or EX300, is a 296 cc (18.1 cu in) Ninja series sport bike introduced by Kawasaki in 2012 for the 2013 model year.It is sold in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. MONSTER ENERGY KAWASAKI SUPERCROSS RIDER APPEARANCE - OAKLAND, CADEALER OPEN HOUSE FEAT. Set to be the pinnacle of motorcycle performance, the Ninja H2R is a supercharged motorcycle masterpiece. Kawasaki’s high-quality original paint has a highly reflective, glasslike metal appearance. Kawasaki H2R Beschleunigung: 0 - 100 km/h: ca. When introduced, the Ninja 300R replaced the Ninja 250R in some markets, and in others they were sold alongside each other. When equipped, California evaporative emissions equipment adds approximately 2.2 lb. On models that offer clutchless downshifts, during deceleration the system automatically controls engine speed so that the next lower gear can be selected without operating the clutch. Multiple rider-selectable modes (the number of modes varies by model) offer progressively greater levels of intrusion to suit the riding situation and rider preference. © 2020 Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. Shipping and local meet-up options available. Find great deals on Kawasaki motorcycles in Sunnyvale, CA on OfferUp. The peaky power plant produced a massive (for the time) 74 horsepower and earned the H2 the foreboding nickname “the widowmaker.” Fast-forward 43 years, and Kawasaki has done it again with the absolutely ludicrous Ninja H2 street bike and H2R track weapon. Depending on the model, riders can choose from multiple modes, each offering a progressively greater level of intrusion. Through precise control, hydraulic pressure is modulated in much smaller increments than with standard ABS systems. … Designed to assist riders by optimizing acceleration from a stop, KLCM electronically manages engine output to minimize wheel spin when moving off. KAWASAKI CARES: Read Owner's Manual and all on-product warnings. **Curb weight includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90 percent capacity) and tool kit (if supplied). And while many superchargers are able to offer high-efficiency operation in a very limited range of conditions, the Kawasaki supercharger offers high efficiency over a wide range of pressure ratios and flow rates – meaning over a wide range of engine speeds and vehicle speeds. And on certain models, it is even possible to check and adjust vehicle settings (such as Rider Mode, electronic rider support features, and payload settings) using the smartphone. Find upcoming Kawasaki bikes, dealers, photos, news and virtual ride feature only at models of Kawasaki- Kawasaki Ninja 300,Kawasaki Ninja 650R Kawasaki’s proprietary dynamic modeling program makes skillful use of the magic formula tire model as it examines changes in multiple parameters, enabling it to take into account changing road and tire conditions.The addition of an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) enables inertia along 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) to be monitored. The systems that KCMF oversees vary by model, but may include: • S-KTRC/KTRC (including traction management and wheel lift management) • KLCM (including traction management and wheel lift management)       - Designed to optimize acceleration from a stop• KIBS (including pitching management and corner braking management) • Kawasaki Engine Brake Control, KCMF (Kawasaki Cornering Management Function). Under normal operation, the assist cam functions as a self-servo mechanism, pulling the clutch hub and operating plate together to compress the clutch plates. *I verify that I am 13 years or over, a United States resident, and agree to Kawasaki's. Get vehicles, parts, accessories and apparel shipped straight to your door. When fuel consumption is low for a given speed (i.e. Kawasaki ABS systems use front and rear wheel sensors to constantly monitor wheel speed. Find great deals on Kawasaki motorcycles in San Francisco, CA on OfferUp. If your brochure didn't download, please click the following link: Based on feedback from racing activities, the Assist & Slipper Clutch uses two types of cams (an assist cam and a slipper cam) to either drive the clutch hub and operating plate together or apart. Feeling at one with their machine, they will be able to experience how Kawasaki machines are fun and rewarding to ride. 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, supercharged, DFI® with 50mm throttle bodies (4) with dual injection, Kawasaki Cornering Management Function (KCMF), Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC), Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM), Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System (KIBS), Kawasaki Engine Brake Control, Kawasaki Quick Shifter (KQS) (upshift & downshift), Öhlins Electronic Steering Damper, LED Cornering Lights, 43mm inverted fork with adjustable rebound and compression damping, spring preload adjustability and top-out springs/4.7 in, Uni-Trak®, Öhlins TTX36 gas charged shock with piggyback reservoir, 24-way compression and rebound damping and adjustability and hand-turn spring preload adjustability, and top-out spring/5.3 in, Dual radial-mount, opposed 4-piston Brembo Stylema® calipers, dual semi-floating 330mm discs, KIBS ABS, Opposed 2-piston calipers, single 250mm disc, KIBS ABS, Trellis, high-tensile steel, with swingarm mounting plate, Rideology the App Smartphone Connectivity, TFT Instrumentation, Saddlebags, OEM APP Smartphone. The Ninja H2 has sleek and smooth design. Bookmark us and keep checking back for Kawasaki motorcycles 0-60 mph updates, since we constantly upload new 0 to 60 mph and quarter mile statistics. IMU-Enhanced Chassis Orientation Awareness. Models equipped with IMU incorporate chassis-orientation feedback to offer even more precise management. An exhaust-driven turbo has too much lag, so Kawasaki went for a supercharger and their 2015 Ninja H2 was the first production motorcycle to use one. Boasting a powerful 998cc inline four-cylinder engine, state-of-the-art electronics, and the latest Brembo® brakes, the Ninja H2 amount to pure performance on the road. Sorry, cannot submit. LIGHTWEIGHT & AGILE: Similar in design to the unprecedented Ninja H2™ hypersport bike, the tube-type trellis frame is light in weight for smooth control and handling. Your Privacy Rights      CA Privacy Rights. The system limits rear wheel lift under heavy braking and takes downshifting into account while braking, allowing the rider to manage the rear brake. fuel efficiency is high), an "ECO" mark appears on the instrument panel's LCD screen. This additional feedback contributes to an even clearer real-time picture of chassis orientation, enabling even more precise management for control at the limit.With the addition of the IMU and the latest evolution of Kawasaki’s advanced modeling software, Kawasaki’s electronic engine and chassis management technology takes the step to the next level – changing from setting-type and reaction-type systems to feedback-type systems – to deliver even greater levels of riding excitement. privacy policy and terms and conditions of use. Erster Test mit der straßenzugelassenen Kawasaki Ninja H2. There’s a reason why so many people revere the Kawasaki Ninja H2, since it also can go from a standstill to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. Drawing on the know-how and technology possessed by the Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI), Kawasaki’s supercharged engine delivers high engine output while maintaining a compact design. Post your items for free. The H2R is closest from 200-240 km/h, tailing the MotoGP bike by only 0.2 seconds and taking an impressive 1.70 seconds versus 1.51 seconds for the Ducati MotoGP bike. 3,1 Sekunden; 0 - 200 km/h: ca. to the maintenance schedule in your Owner’s Manual. Riding logs (varies by model, but may include GPS route, gear position, rpm, and other information) can be viewed on the smartphone. Receive the latest news, special offers and exclusives. Post your items for free. Invalid fields exist in below form. Die Karbon-Flügel – Stückpreis … Kawasaki H2 vs Yamaha YZF-R1 vs BMW S 1000 RR vs Ducati 1299 Panigale, Kawasaki H2 vs Ducati 1299 Panigale vs Honda CBR1000RR vs Yamaha YZF-R1 M, Honda CR-Z vs Kawasaki H2 vs Yamaha YZF-R1 vs BMW S 1000 RR, Pagani Huayra vs Ferrari LaFerrari vs Koenigsegg One:1 vs Kawasaki H2, 0-30 mph in 1.2 sec0-60 mph in 2.6 sec0-100 mph in 4.8 sec1/4 mile in 9.62 @ 152 mph,, some dumb-fukc fanboy will soon turn up and tell you, the vw-911 on 4 wheels is still faster. The original shade for the Ninja H2 is black mirror coated. 0-120 mph has to be something about 7.5sec and 0-180 mph aprox. Not wrong it's only 2085 metres long and 1125 metres high lol, Is it maybe a new BMW X9 we don't know yet? The run, which took place just after dawn on June 28, 2016, set a new record of 400 km/h, previously untouched by any H2R. Mit vielen Fotos und Videos. In the shade the Ag layer is translucent, allowing the base coat color to show through. Riders can also make changes to their motorcycle’s instrument display settings (preferred units, clock and date setting, etc) via the smartphone. With the clutch lever pulled in and the system activated, engine speed is limited to a determined speed while the rider holds the throttle open. A camera affordable by anyone. And because of the finer control, kickback to the brake lever is minimal, resulting in a very natural feeling. Kawasaki gave the Ninja H2 and H2 Carbon a fairly major update ahead of MY2019 that goes far beyond any kind of token trim package treatment. eye protection and proper apparel. 2015 Kawasaki H2 specs, 0-60, quarter mile, engine specifications, pictures, updated May 2020. Motorcycles For Sale in Stanford, CA: 4210 Motorcycles Near You - Find Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. 6,5 Sekunden; 0 – 300 km/h: ca. This allows the total clutch spring load to be reduced, resulting in a lighter clutch lever feel when operating the clutch. ©2020 Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. Der Name Ninja begründete im Superbike-Bereich einen Mythos, der bei der neuen Ninja H2R noch radikaler umgesetzt wurde. MONSTER ENERGY KAWASAKI SUPERCROSS RIDER APPEARANCE - OAKLAND, CA event in East Bay Motorsports on Jan 25, 2019 . The engine of the Rebel 250 is quiet and economical, … Boasting a powerful 998cc inline four-cylinder engine, state-of-the-art electronics, and the latest Brembo ® brakes, the Ninja H2 and Ninja H2 Carbon amount to pure performance on the road. They have been ... Top gear performance car of the year 992 turbo S and chris harris's car ... added data for BMW X1 sDrive18i, data for Range Rover Evoque Si4 P200, Range Rover Evoque Si4 P200 and data for Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0 TB Q4, Tsukuba laptimes: Murcielago - 1:05,57 Gallardo - 1:05,28. Designed to help riders maximize their acceleration on the track by enabling clutchless upshifts with the throttle fully open, KQS detects that the shift lever has been actuated and sends a signal to the ECU to cut ignition so that the next gear can be engaged without having to use the clutch. ABS offers rider reassurance that contributes to greater riding enjoyment. The system also makes a significant contribution to reduced emissions.Electronic throttle valves also enable more precise control of electronic engine management systems like S-KTRC and KTRC, and allow the implementation of electronic systems like KLCM, Kawasaki Engine Brake Control, and Electronic Cruise Control. 13,4 Sekunden; Die Kawasaki H2R gehört wohl mit zu den schnellsten Motorrädern, die es derzeit zu kaufen gibt. 200PS, 133 Nm, 300km/h! Its debut on the 2015 Ninja H2™ and Ninja H2™R marked its first use on a mass-production vehicle in either the automotive or motorcycle industry.In the shade the paint has the appearance of its base coat color, but once in the sunlight its highly reflective surface takes on the appearance of the surrounding scenery. Compared to candy paints, which use aluminum flakes to generate a sparkling effect, the Ag layer appears as a uniform metallic surface. The key to achieving this incredible performance lies in the engine’s supercharger – a motorcycle-specific unit designed completely in-house with technology from the Kawasaki Gas Turbine & Machinery Company, Aerospace Company and Corporate Technology Division.One of the greatest benefits of designing the supercharger in-house and tailoring its design to match the engine’s characteristics was that engineers were able to achieve high-efficiency operation over a wide range of conditions – something that would not have been possible by simply dropping in or trying to adapt an aftermarket automotive supercharger.The importance of high efficiency in a supercharger is that, as the air is compressed, power-robbing heat gain is minimal. So Slow: 2008 Honda Rebel 250 - 11 Seconds. 12.5 sec. Get more details and sign up for a reminder. In the more intrusive modes (and for some models, in any mode), when excessive wheel spin is detected, engine output is reduced to allow grip to be regained, effectively enabling riders to negotiate both short, slippery patches (train tracks or manhole covers) and extended stretches of bad roads (wet pavement, cobblestone, gravel) with confidence. can be adjusted through a combination of interchangeable parts and parts with adjustable positions. The aerodynamics in this bike is designed mainly for the speed. Proper fit is key for rider comfort and control. The Ninja H2 is a “supercharged supersports” motorcycle, part of Kawasaki’s Ninja line, and it features a variable-speed centrifugal supercharger. Designed with sport riding in mind, they facilitate acceleration out of corners by maximizing forward drive from the rear wheel. The track-only version of the bike, called the Ninja H2R, produces a maximum of 326 horsepower with ram air and is the fastest and most powerful production motorcycle on the market. The Kawasaki Engine Brake Control system allows riders to select the amount of engine braking they prefer. Always wear a helmet, Kawasaki Ninja H2R Goes From 0 To 400KM/H Or 249MPH In 26 Seconds [w/Video] BY Bogdan Zoltan | Posted on July 1, 2016 January 17, 2018. MotoGP bike vs Kawsaki H2R. Dealer sets the actual destination charge, your price may vary. Vehicle information (such as the odometer, fuel gauge, maintenance schedule, etc) can be viewed on the smartphone. Kawasaki developed KIBS to take into account the particular handling characteristics of supersport motorcycles, ensuring highly efficient braking with minimal intrusion during sport riding. If you are currently subscribed, check your email for a secure link. *Adjustable parts and their range of adjustability vary by model. This diverse information is analyzed to determine the ideal front brake hydraulic pressure. Image Credit / Source. This list seems incomplete. Kawasaki’s fully electronic throttle actuation system enables the ECU to control the volume of both the fuel (via fuel injectors) and the air (via throttle valves) delivered to the engine. Its debut on the 2015 Ninja H2™ and Ninja H2™R marked its first use on a mass-production vehicle in either the automotive or motorcycle industry. This relieves pressure on the clutch plates to reduce back-torque and helps prevent the rear tire from hopping and skidding. The Ninja H2 is one of its kind and one of the best engines ever to come out from Kawasaki. Kawasaki’s high-quality original paint has a highly reflective, glasslike metal appearance. This gives the paint a deep, three-dimensional quality.While the multiple layers of paint on typical mass-production models are done by robot painters, for this silver-mirror paint each layer – from primer to clear coat – is carefully finished by the hands of Kawasaki craftsmen to ensure a flawless, lustrous surface. Concept, custom, modified, and one-off motorcycles of any kind are not listed, nor are racing-only motorcycles. Once the rider releases the clutch lever to engage the clutch, engine speed is allowed to increase, but power is regulated to minimize wheel spin and help keep the front wheel on the ground. Why wouldn't a Hayabusa make the list? Clever technology enables riders to connect to their motorcycle wirelessly. Adhere Less intrusive modes maintain optimum traction during cornering. The supercharger’s high efficiency and minimal heat gain also meant that an intercooler was unnecessary, greatly saving weight and space, and enabling the engine’s compact design. A 748cc, three-cylinder, two-stroke engine powered the 1972 H2 Mach IV. Kawasaki Ninja H2 0-60. Specifications and pricing are subject to change. When the system is activated, the engine braking effect is reduced, providing less interference when riding on the track. Get Kawasaki bike prices, read reviews and compare Kawasaki models. However, fuel consumption is greatly affected by throttle use, gear selection, and other elements under the rider's control. Using the latest evolution of Kawasaki’s advanced modeling software and feedback from a compact IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) that gives an even clearer real-time picture of chassis orientation, KCMF monitors engine and chassis parameters throughout the corner – from entry, through the apex, to corner exit – modulating brake force and engine power to facilitate smooth transition from acceleration to braking and back again, and to assist riders in tracing their intended line through the corner. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When connected, telephone (call, mail) notices are displayed on the instrument panel. Engine. Please note that some 0-62 (0–100 km/h) times on this website are converted to 0 to 60 acceleration times. ;), Can not be!!! Using the smartphone application “RIDEOLOGY THE APP,” a number of instrument functions can be accessed, contributing to an enhanced motorcycling experience. The Ninja H2 ™ and Ninja H2 ™ Carbon motorcycles bring the mind-bending power of Kawasaki's supercharged hypersport racer to the street. Auch für die Landstraße! KIBS (Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System). The H2R has 50% more power than the fastest street-legalmotorcycles, while the street-legal Ninja H… Acceleration along longitudinal, transverse and vertical axes, plus roll rate and pitch rate are measured. Attend DEALER OPEN HOUSE FEAT. This is a list of street legal production motorcycles ranked by acceleration from a standing start, limited to 0 to 60 mph times of under 3.5 seconds, and 1 ⁄ 4-mile times of under 12 seconds. Kenan Sufuoglu, the Kawasaki-sponsored Turkish rider that is the winningest rider in World Supersport, was a natural choice to pilot the Kawasaki H2R to it’s record top speed on his home turf. The H2 line brings with it a certain sport-tastic bent surpassing even the Ninja ZX-14R that rests at the top of the non-H2 Ninja pecking order. This wide range of efficient operation (similar to having a wide power band) easily translates to strong acceleration. I could have done better, but at least you have an impression.Shot on the Drift Ghost X action cam. Die Aerodynamik-Sparte von Kawasaki hat offenbar ganze Arbeit geleistet. KTRC, Kawasaki's advanced traction control system provides both enhanced sport riding performance and the peace of mind to negotiate slippery surfaces with confidence. And because Kawasaki’s sophisticated software bases its dynamic analysis on the chassis’ orientation relative to the track surface (rather than relative to a horizontal plane), it is able to take into account corner camber, gradient, etc., and adapt accordingly. The stark difference in the way the paint appears in the light and the shade emphasizes the sculpted shape of the bodywork on which it is applied.The highly reflective surface is created by inducing a silver mirror reaction (a chemical reaction between a solution of silver ions and a reducing agent) that forms a layer of pure silver (Ag). The Economical Riding Indicator is a function that indicates when current riding conditions are consuming a low amount of fuel. Various points of the chassis interface (the handlebar, footpegs and seat, etc.) This enables a wide range of riders to find a riding position that offers both comfort and control. The yaw rate is calculated by the ECU using Kawasaki original software. Should information from either of the sensors indicate that wheel lock has occurred, the ABS ECU directs the pump in the ABS unit to modulate brake fluid pressure (releasing and reapplying pressure so that traction can be regained) until normal operation resumes. NEXT-LEVEL POWER: The Ninja® 400 motorcycle engine delivers the perfect balance of high-performance thrills and easy-to-use power. Using high-precision electronic control for engine management, Kawasaki models can achieve a high level of fuel efficiency. The system continuously monitors fuel consumption, regardless of vehicle speed, engine speed, throttle position and other riding conditions. Ideal fuel injection and throttle valve position results in smooth, natural engine response and the ideal engine output.

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